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Recently, I've been browsing webcomics on
I also read webcomics from other websites,
and I read all of them through a feed reader. 1)

I was frustrated that tapas doesn't show RSS feeds.
It turns out that they have them,
they just don't make them easy to find.

I took the opportunity to make my first userscript,
and make the RSS feeds easy to get to.

It was a fun, one-all-nighter project.

I've done a few javascript projects now,
so that part wasn't too hard.
What was hard was picking apart the page content
(especially when the page switches to mobile mode),
and styling the buttons to look right.
This was my first time wrangling CSS!

I am pleased with the result.
The script adds “RSS Feed” buttons in the right places,
and a <link> tag for feed auto-discovery.

trdi.jpg trde.jpg

trmi.jpg trme.jpg 2)


tapas-rss.js can be downloaded here or on Greasy Fork.

I use it with Greasemonkey on Firefox.
I've also briefly tested it on Chrome with Tampermonkey.
It probably also works with Violentmonkey and with other browsers.

I use Livemarks on Firefox, and Liferea on Linux.
I'm considering seting up Tiny Tiny RSS on this server
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